Do you want to know what is happening in and around the Waveboard at this very moment? We keep you up to date about everything new and the latest happenings and events in Potsdam right here.

The Waveboard Hotel & Boardinghouse is located on Schiffbauergasse, in the heart of Potsdam.

Current events of the international art and culture quarter Schiffbauergasse can be found in the event calendar of Schiffbauergasse or here:

For information about exhibitions and events, as well as ideas for what to visit and see during your trip to Potsdam, please visit

Berlin is not far from Potsdam and you can visit the Berlin museums or the legendary Friedrichstadt-Palast shows while staying in Potsdam. Information about events and concert programs can be found on these websites:

The staff of our hotel will always help you with the choice and tell you how to buy tickets and get to the venue!